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Shatter-resistant Orbis™Tumblers from G.E.T Enterprises

University Dining – the new Orbis™Tumblers from G.E.T Enterprises have the look and feel of glass in a shatter-resistan material.

Extended service life offergs greater cost-savings
High durable SAN material reduces your liability exposure and restocking needs
Stacking ring allows for easy storage and transport and prevents jamming

From classic coffees to Latte specialties

You can quickly and easily select your beverage program on the intuitive touchscreen menu and adjust it to your needs at any time. The modern design of the FoamMaster also leaves nothing to be desired. Shiny black, shaped with elegance, it is a true visual treat that gives the finishing touch to any interior.

Rubicon Collection

Rubicon represents the bastion of dining by offering the strongest and whitest dishware set available. The collection delivers on performance and presentation, with a body built to perfection. Soften the boldness of the Rubicon with a variety of designer trims and embossed patterns and add a personal touch

Flame Free Thermo-Urn – Service Ideas with a stainless vacuum inulation

Our Flame Free™ Thermo-Urn™ is a Service Ideas exclusive with a stainless vacuum insulation in a large capacity. This unit offers a hear retention of 3° drop per hour with no external heat source for optimal drink integrity, allowing up to 6 hours of heat retention at well within or above the optimal drinking temperature range.

Save money on sterno cans, and eliminate any liability!

Metromax: Not Your Average Plastic Shelving

This is not your average plastic shelving.

Metro’s polymer shelving systems incorporate robust steel corners, reinforced center supports, and advanced polymer materials to deliver stationary and mobile solutions with the strength of traditional wire shelving. Removable polymer shelf mats protect supplies from damage and wash easily by hand or in dish machines. Microban® antimicrobial product protection is built into the shelf mats and finishes to keep the shelving “cleaner between cleanings”.

Effective Merchandising Tips from Structural Concepts

Helpful tips proven to capture your customer’s attention:

A black interior makes your case disappear and your fresh, colorful products “pop”.
Create a colorful border around your fresh products using larger platters.
See the freshness! Tiered glass shelving allows maximum visibility on every level.
Adjust shelves to accommodate a variety of merchandise and to add visual interest

Does Your Undercounter Refrigerators & Freezer have Problems Holding Temperature?

Does Your Undercounter Refrigerators & Freezer have Problems Holding Temperature?

Continental Refrigerator can Fit Your Kitchen with their Functional Front Breathing Undercounters.

Their undercounters are designed to maintain NSF-7 temperatures in 100°F ambient Continental Refrigerator understand that compressor failures are an inconvenience in your busy kitchen, Their front breathing, rear-mounted & side-mounted undercounters have a unique, bottom mounted ventilation system. All models are designed to allow cabinets to be flush against a wall or built into the counter to vent heat out the front. Whether it’s standard model or a modified solution, Continental Refrigerator can create a “Right” solution to fit the needs of your foodservice operation.

Doyon: Unique First Class Ovens. Perfect for delicate foods.

To guarantee the highest level of performances for the all-purpose oven operators, Doyon has engineered a unique series of ovens. Our Jet Air Plus Oven Series recreates an environment of hot air movement and humidity first in its class. Delicate foods and everyday items come out quality perfect.

The Jet Air Plus is an all-in-one cooking oven that will cook, bake, roast and re-thermalize. Use it with convection heat alone or with convection heat and humidity combined. Shot steam (one injection) or pulse steam (constant steam injection) is accurate and will provide the results expected. Doyon is proud to have perfected a direct steam injection system creating moisture without a boiler. Years of development helped us to build units that will last for years for heavy use with minimal maintenance costs.