Shatter-resistant Orbis™Tumblers from G.E.T Enterprises


melamineIdeal for Restaurants, Hospitality, Outdoor Dining, College & University Dining – the new Orbis™Tumblers from G.E.T Enterprises have the look and feel of glass in a shatter-resistan material.

  • Extended service life offergs greater cost-savings
  • High durable SAN material reduces your liability exposure and restocking needs
  • Stacking ring allows for easy storage and transport and prevents jamming
  • Textured ring design offers a unique and modern look while helping to conceal scratches, fingerprints, and water spots
  • 100% BPA free and commercial dishwasher safe

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Rubicon Collection


Bright White and Strong

Rubicon represents the bastion of dining by offering the strongest and whitest dishware set available. The collection delivers on performance and presentation, with a body built to perfection. Soften the boldness of the Rubicon with a variety of designer trims and embossed patterns and add a personal touch to every tabletop and taste.

  • Unique and ultra-bright white
  • The bright white body color makes food “pop”
  • Trendy Asian styles
  • 17 decorative patterns available
  • 3-year chip warranty*

*Covers flat items against edge chipping. Terms and conditions apply.


Flame Free Thermo-Urn – Service Ideas with a stainless vacuum inulation



Our Flame Free™ Thermo-Urn™ is a Service Ideas exclusive with a stainless vacuum insulation in a large capacity. This unit offers a hear retention of 3° drop per hour with no external heat source for optimal drink integrity, allowing up to 6 hours of heat retention at well within or above the optimal drinking temperature range.

Save money on sterno cans, and eliminate any liability!
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Effective Merchandising Tips from Structural Concepts


  • What you see, smell and hear directly affects what you will decide to buy.
  • FACT: 60% of food quality perception is based on the environment.

Helpful tips proven to capture your customer’s attention:

  • A black interior makes your case disappear and your fresh, colorful products “pop”.
  • Create a colorful border around your fresh products using larger platters.
  • See the freshness! Tiered glass shelving allows maximum visibility on every level.
  • Adjust shelves to accommodate a variety of merchandise and to add visual interest.
  • Mirrored ends and reflective rear doors help the display appear fresh and full.
  • Combine single serving foods onto a large platter to create a fresh image.
  • Create a theme by adding props, greenery, colorful fabrics or bottles of wine. Be creative!

Remember, it’s all about stimulating the desire to purchase. Make your displays attractive and enticing using shapes, colors, textures, props and creativity.

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